Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!…

Such a fantastic accomplishment!

Happy 20th Birthday, @RogueAmoeba! 🍰

Thanks for Audio Hijack 🎤 and all your other great apps.

Congratulations @PBones and team on this amazing milestone, complete with anniversary sale!

Had a fun chat with Martin Feld on his Really Specific Stories podcast:…

It’s that time of year. Please join me and the @RelayFM audience in donating to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital:

We’re #hiring at @TextExpander!

We’re adding another Account Manager 🧑‍💻 to help serve our amazing base of enterprise customers and bring TextExpander to even more of their teams.

Interested? Please apply here:…

We’re #hiring at @TextExpander!

We are adding an SEO-focused Copywriter ✍️ to our Marketing team.

If you’re looking for a role that allows you to stretch both your creative and technical SEO skills, please apply:…

“Get app for M1” was never a good idea, but it’s even worse now that there’s an M2. If one refuses to use a Universal Binary, I’d say at least use “Get app for Apple Silicon” to future-proof a bit. I suppose those doing this are least receptive to such advice.

Woke up excited to find @dmoren’s new book “The Nova Incident” from the Galactic Cold War series had been delivered to my Kindle. 📚

Fun project from @ismh: 2023 Apple History Calendar.…

Congrats Rich @Siegel and the Bare Bones Software team on 30 years of @BBEdit! 🎉

Hat tip to @jsnell and @bleedsixcolors for making note.

Dinner tonight is very colorful.

Great tip on @TidBITS on how to always show window proxy icons on macOS.

Thanks @adamengst!

At @TextExpander, we’re looking for a QA API Testing Engineer

We’re a 100% remote team with a great culture.

We’re looking for folks who would rather break something than have it work (at least at the outset).

At @TextExpander, we’re looking for a QA User Interface Testing Engineer

We’re a 100% remote team with a great culture.

We’re looking for folks who really like to break things.

Dear @AARP, probably best to send the membership solicitation a few days after my 50th rather than the day before. 😢

Congratulations @manton on the release of the book! And renewed congrats on the success of Have a fantastic Micro Camp.

Congratulations @manton and @danielpunkass on Episode 500 of Core Intuition! What an amazing body of work you’ve created together.…

Pizza night. Vicolo’s cornmeal crust. Homemade pesto. Light cheese. Sautéed tricolor bell peppers and soyrizo.

We’re hiring a Product Manager for @Textexpander:

Join our amazing team at our all-remote company. RTs weclome.

Congrats @macsparky on your bold career move! The world needs more MacSparky, and we’re about to have it:…

We’re hiring an Account Manager for @Textexpander:

Join our great time at our veteran all-remote company.

Bay Area folks: Is it just me or does “Play KQED” on your HomePod now start playing the song “Kqed Equals Volvo” by Portraits of Past?

Congratulations (@viticci, @johnvoorhees, @_alexguyot, @_silviagatta) on Issue #300. So many years of such great content!

We’ve gone from Sherlocking to Apple making a design choice (the notch) which amplifies the need for such a great product as @macbartender.

Congrats @macsparky on his release of the DEVONthink Field Guide: