Funny how “Bumping this to the top of your inbox.” translates to “Banning your email address from my inbox.”

Baked stuffed shrimp, roasted Brussels sprouts, lemon cucumber, and carrot soup (not pictured).

Thank you, @KeyboardMaestro, for helping me automate another tedious task. Much obliged!

Tuesday dinner: Mushroom filled pasta with grilled portobello mushroom and stir-fried bok choy.

Monday dinner: grilled salmon, corn on the cob, and spicy riced cauliflower.

Congrats @kcase and @OmniGroup on today’s release of OmniPlan 4:…

Very excited to find @david_mitchell’s new novel, “Utopia Avenue,” released today. His “Cloud Atlas” is one of my all time favorites. 📚

Not a Mac nerd, but like Hamilton? Check out @imyke and @jsnell having a great chat on @_upgradefm:…

Apple Watch / Hanging Mac Pro Tip: Set timer for 1 or 3 mins and walk away. 99% of the time it’ll resolve and you’ll stress a lot less.

Congrats @ismh on his 5th Indie-versary:…

“If not now, when?”

Recently, asking Siri to “please play @KQED” has a 20 second or so delay before starting. Happens on both my phone and HomePod. Anyone else?

Created a @Textexpander snippet

Big Sure -> Big Sur

to save me from myself.

Congrats @_connectedfm hosts @imyke, @ismh, and @viticci on episode #300! 🍰🍷🎉

I was nervous at the start that this would be the 300th and final episode, but rivalry and rancor gave way to an excellent episode, as expected.…

No in-person Smile WWDC Party this year, so we’ll stroll down memory lane a bit:

Ready for #wwdc20:

If you have an Apple Developer account, please upvote my question pertaining to keyboard accessibility for visually impaired users:…

Thank you!

#a11y #wwdc20

Happy Birthday, @macgenie! 🍰

Smile is hiring a Frontend Software Engineer and a Director of Customer Success. If you’re interested or know someone who’d be good:…

Please feel free to RT.

“The Aleph Extraction” by @dmoren was a great read I expect you’ll enjoy:…


Just used “platform ambidextrous” to describe someone comfortable on both macOS and Windows. Not sure where it came from, but felt natural.

Congrats @jsnell and @imyke on episode #300 of Upgrade on the @_RelayFM network!…

Honor their work by becoming a Relay FM member:…

Seems a bit absurd that Feedback Assistant is not available on iOS.

Apple Watch question: Just me, or are the targets for custom-length timers a bit “hit or miss” (pun intended)?

I’m totally lost on Microsoft’s organization of their language packs. It appears that a visual scan of the greeting is how they expect one to find them. Descending popularity or alphabetical order would be much easier to navigate.

Congrats @macsparky on the release of his new Photos Field Guide, another in his amazing series of Field Guides: