We’re hiring a Product Manager for @Textexpander: smle.us/60jeg

Join our amazing team at our all-remote company. RTs weclome.

Congrats @macsparky on your bold career move! The world needs more MacSparky, and we’re about to have it:


We’re hiring an Account Manager for @Textexpander:


Join our great time at our veteran all-remote company.

Bay Area folks: Is it just me or does “Play KQED” on your HomePod now start playing the song “Kqed Equals Volvo” by Portraits of Past?

Congratulations @Macstories.net (@viticci, @johnvoorhees, @_alexguyot, @_silviagatta) on Issue #300. So many years of such great content!

We’ve gone from Sherlocking to Apple making a design choice (the notch) which amplifies the need for such a great product as @macbartender.

Congrats @macsparky on his release of the DEVONthink Field Guide:


We’re hiring @SmileSoftware. Looking for an Android / frontend software developer: smle.us/p1q3a. Please RT if this is your crowd.

Congrats @daveverwer on ten years of @iOSDevWeekly! 🎉

What an accomplishment, and thanks for the wonderful material over the years. 🙏

We’re hiring @SmileSoftware. We’re presently looking for an Account Executive, Customer Support Rep, and a Software Training Specialist. We’ll also have two engineering positions up in the coming month, so please stay tuned.


Congrats to @siegel and the @BBEdit team on the release of version 14.0!


Happy Birthday @jean! 🧁

Fan of @_RocketFM? Not a @RelayFM member? Then it’s time to join. The “Host Trivia Thunderdome” members-only episode is totally worth the price of admission. Don’t miss out!

Congratulations, Pierre and @Houdah Software, on HoudahSpot’s 15th Anniversary! 🎉 What a great milestone!


It wasn’t that long ago that it was difficult to copy and paste from macOS to the iOS Simulator. Now, it’s dead simple.

Congrats @obreidenbach and @boinxsoftware on 25 years! #boinx25

In solidarity, here’s our photo from Macworld 2006. We’ve got some years to go to match your accomplishment.

Smile team (left to right): Philip, Brian, Jean, Jane, and Greg. Standing in from of SmileOnMyMac booth at Macworld SF 2006.

Very exciting! The @TextExpander icon got a cameo in today’s #AppleEvent (under apps with M1 support).

We’re looking for an iOS developer to work on @PDFpen at @SmileSoftware:


RTs encouraged.

If you love @TextExpander and love helping and leading people, we’ve got a Tech Support Lead position open that you should check out:


RTs encouraged.

I like the new Apps tab in the Language & Region system prefs.

I wish type select in the Language: popup were based on the English names of the languages.

Basing it on the native names of the languages means it doesn’t work.

Good morning, @BBEdit. Thanks for just being you!

Macworld nostalgia, pandemic-adjusted. A virtual mini concert by the Macworld All Star Band: www.youtube.com/watch

We at @SmileSoftware, makers of @PDFpen and @TextExpander, are looking for a Content and Community Marketing Manager:


Please share with any you think might be interested.

Happy 10th Birthday, @gittower! 🍰 Couldn’t happen to nicer software. Great site, too:


Pressure-cooked risotto last night FTW! Easier and faster than slow cooker risotto, so less forethought / lead time.