We’re hiring @SmileSoftware. We’re presently looking for an Account Executive, Customer Support Rep, and a Software Training Specialist. We’ll also have two engineering positions up in the coming month, so please stay tuned.


Congrats to @siegel and the @BBEdit team on the release of version 14.0!


Happy Birthday @jean! 🧁

Fan of @_RocketFM? Not a @RelayFM member? Then it’s time to join. The “Host Trivia Thunderdome” members-only episode is totally worth the price of admission. Don’t miss out!

Congratulations, Pierre and @Houdah Software, on HoudahSpot’s 15th Anniversary! 🎉 What a great milestone!


It wasn’t that long ago that it was difficult to copy and paste from macOS to the iOS Simulator. Now, it’s dead simple.

Congrats @obreidenbach and @boinxsoftware on 25 years! #boinx25

In solidarity, here’s our photo from Macworld 2006. We’ve got some years to go to match your accomplishment.

Smile team (left to right): Philip, Brian, Jean, Jane, and Greg. Standing in from of SmileOnMyMac booth at Macworld SF 2006.

Very exciting! The @TextExpander icon got a cameo in today’s #AppleEvent (under apps with M1 support).

We’re looking for an iOS developer to work on @PDFpen at @SmileSoftware:


RTs encouraged.

If you love @TextExpander and love helping and leading people, we’ve got a Tech Support Lead position open that you should check out:


RTs encouraged.

I like the new Apps tab in the Language & Region system prefs.

I wish type select in the Language: popup were based on the English names of the languages.

Basing it on the native names of the languages means it doesn’t work.

Good morning, @BBEdit. Thanks for just being you!

Macworld nostalgia, pandemic-adjusted. A virtual mini concert by the Macworld All Star Band: www.youtube.com/watch

We at @SmileSoftware, makers of @PDFpen and @TextExpander, are looking for a Content and Community Marketing Manager:


Please share with any you think might be interested.

Happy 10th Birthday, @gittower! 🍰 Couldn’t happen to nicer software. Great site, too:


Pressure-cooked risotto last night FTW! Easier and faster than slow cooker risotto, so less forethought / lead time.

Pasta with a zatar sauce and sautéed mushrooms. Any tips on keeping the pasta from clumping while I have to set it aside for 5 minutes?

Definite improvement on “lorem ipsum dolor sit…”

Shishito peppers.

Breakfast frittata.

“Hey Siri, play the latest news from NPR” now results in “Sorry you don’t have any unplayed episodes of NPR News Now.” Not true. What’s wrong?

Can’t Open Print Queue… on an M1-based Mac. Here’s help:


Thanks, Kevin!

Soon to be potato fennel leek soup.

Pretty sure this isn’t how they intended that last bit of that headline to wrap.


Got on to eating without posting the finished product last night:

Fully cooked paella in paella pan.