Great article by (via on supporting Dynamic Type with just a few lines of CSS.

This was easy to implement, and I really appreciate Craig taking the time to share. Thanks!

TIL Laughing is not compatible with Transparency Mode on AirPods Pro 2. It causes the sound to drop out as though I were talking with someone rather than chuckling at Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Congratulations to on your 20th birthday! 🍰🎈

That’s a fantastic milestone.


Congratulations, @manton and @danielpunkass on Episode 600 of Core Intuition! 🎉🍰🎈

It’s always fun to listen, and what an accomplishment!

Really enjoyed talking with Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit at Startup Grind Barcelona on Tuesday. Was caught on camera by Victor Horcasitas demonstrating my “useless superpower,” namely leading camp songs.

Hi Mom & Dad! 👋

I’m really excited to chat with Àlex Rogríguez Bacardit of MarsBased at Startup Grind Barcelona next week (Tuesday, May 21, 6:30pm GMT+2).

I’m always amused when I learn that guests have arrived via a notification from the eero before they even reach the doorbell: “A new device has joined Smile”

TIL a new abbreviation on my bag of coffee beans:

m a.s.l. == Meters Above Sea Level


Congratulations and on Episode 500 of the Upgrade podcast! 🎉 🎂

“Strange Game” is such the perfect theme song for “Slow Horses,” which is such a fun show. Binged Season 3 on a long-haul flight recently. Highly recommend.

#MyFirstMac was a PowerBook 140. I came late to the Mac, having brought a home-built 386 PC with me to college. I’ve enjoyed making up for lost time. Happy 40th, Macintosh!

Congratulations,, on joining’s company! 🎉

Congratulations, @danielpunkass, on the release of Black Ink for iOS! 🎉

Kudos to @vincent and tinylytics 🎉. Was tinkering with my site, and tinylytics’ down detector caught a mistake I had made. Saved me unnecessary downtime. Thanks!

PSA: BBEdit 15 is available. Just bought my upgrade. Thanks, & team!

Mise en place for my French onion soup.

TIL Face ID does not work when one’s face is covered in shaving cream. Oops. 😅

This evening is Twelfth Night. Here’s more on how it’s celebrated in Barcelona. Not surprisingly, it involves pastry.…

Read a rumor that Severance season 2 might debut before summer. Made me think: wow, putting together the season 1 recap must be difficult.

Mise en place for Thai soup (missing shrimp).

Mise en place for my vegetable soup. I’m happy to report it came out quite tasty.

Quick reminder:’s fundraising drive for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is on. Join me in helping to cure childhood cancer:

Cleaning up some old equipment. I had forgotten how long it takes to close a session when burning a DVD and how long it used to take to install macOS.

Dear Indie Developers:

If you have just one minute, I’d be delighted if you’d take this very brief survey

I’m considering working with indie developers to understand their cash flow and improve their businesses. Results will be kept confidential, and you may answer anonymously.

New rule: Never, ever, go to Trader Joe’s on Mother’s Day.