@copperred Is BackBlaze an option for you?

@jamesthomson Congrats! 🎉 That’s an awesome accomplishment in both scope and longevity. I hope you can get some well-deserved rest. 💤

@MrRooni Congratulations! That’s a great accomplishment at a great company doing great things. 🎉

@joshua Glad to know I'm not alone. Thanks!

@joshua Had a unique version of that happen to me. A large mouse crawled into the control unit, laid down across the contacts, and caused a short. I made a very undignified noise when I opened the panel and discovered the electrocuted mouse.

@podfeet Is there any backstory, or is this just something you snapped at random? Definitely lives up to the hashtag.

@jean Wow, that's a really thorough and compelling proposal. Sorry it was not accepted. Nice work fighting for the rodents with distinct body types!

@thatkruegergirl How about “Sea of Poppies” by Amitav Ghosh? Historical fiction based on a ship. It’s part one of a trilogy if he likes. It’s also a fantastic read. 📚

@danielpunkass 💯Use it all the time. Why do I feel like it used to be called “Soyrizo”? Maybe TJs carried someone else’s before they did their in-house brand.

@Miraz Best review ever! Made me giggle. Clear and to the point. Haven’t seen the movie and know I don’t need to. Thank you. 🙏

@joshua ChatGPT responds: "I'M SORRY. WHAT'S A VCR?"

@mandaris No, they had tons of flowers, but I was just going for groceries. To be fair, they were well-equipped with cashiers, and folks were well-behaved given the sheer mass of people in the store.

@podfeet Acorn supports AppleScript, so I believe you could use the "resize canvas" command from the Acorn Suite. You can even set the anchor position when doing so.

@RogueAmoeba Congratulations on 20 years 🎉 of Audio Hijack, and thank you for an excellent product!

@podfeet Thanks for the warm welcome! I’d been debating what to do for my Mastodon handle and decided going all in on micro.blog made the most sense for me.

@jacob People will laugh. I know I did. 🤣

Thanks for sharing!

@danielpunkass Have been in San Francisco during SantaCon unintentionally on a number of years. Not sad to have missed it this year. 🎅

@danielpunkass Congratulations! Shipping is hard. Well done!

Also, if you haven't listened to Upgrade 435, MarsEdit gets a lot of air time.

@Aleen Thank you! I'm sorry this is so belated. I've been really bad at following social media this year.

@danielpunkass Thank you! My apologies, as this is WAY overdue. I've been really bad at following social media this year.

@danielpunkass Wow! That looks delicious. Let’s go with “modern classic” perhaps?

@Burk Quite possibly. We've just opened VP of Product and Product Manager positions for @Textexpander:


@annahavron Sorry to be a bit late. I was off yesterday. I created the Brand Names public group because I can never remember when a name is camel-cased or not. That public group lets me not worry about it. I also use @jean’s Accented Words group.

@Burk Did that sort things for you with TextExpander? Sorry for the trouble.

@cliffordbeshers Thanks! I can try adjusting the recipe to make the sauce available faster. Trick is, the sauce uses the water in which the pasta was boiled. Sounds like it's all down to timing, and mine is off.